We're here, we're queer...we need to communicate! As queer communities grow in Austin and its surrounding cities, the likelihood of competing events is magnified. Choosing between the drag show or the dance party...the burlesque bash or the fundraiser. Let's work together!

We've all heard of Facebook but if you're not following the right people or you missed a 30 minute block of time on your feed...you're going to get the info late (if at all). And besides, most event organizers don't post details until they're set which can lead to overlapping events. Let's use this space to post tentative dates, secured dates, house parties, coffee shop showdowns, dance spectaculars, and whatever else!

Are you an event organizer? Submit your event, even when you're just thinking about it. Get it up on the calendar so other event organizers can make the decision to book on the same day, choose a different date, combine events, or cross promote! This is our space. Your event will be posted and can be changed if your details change!

Are you an event attendee? This space can be your new to-do list. See events past, present and future and plan your year of queer!

Let's communicate. Queerly.